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Please join us for a Webinar sponsored by the Assemblies on Allergy, Immunology and Inflammation (AII) and Pulmonary Infections and Tuberculosis (PI-TB). They are pleased to announce their next joint Journal Club (JC) on Thursday, October 8th at 10 am EDT.

Dr. Branko Cirovic of DKFZ German Cancer Research Center will present the article, “BCG Vaccination in Humans Elicits Trained Immunity via the Hematopoietic Progenitor Compartment”, Cell Host Microbe. 2020 Aug 12; 28(2)322-334.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.chom.2020.05.014. Epub 2020 Jun 15.

We will be joined by senior authors Dr. Mihai Netea (Radboud University), Dr. Andreas Schlitzer (University of Bonn), and moderators Dr. Julie Ng (Brigham and Women’s Hospital) and Dr. Amali Samarasinghe (University of Tennessee Health Science Center).

This journal club will be tweeted live from the PI-TB assembly, their Twitter handle is @ATS_PITB. Please follow the PI-TB assembly and use the hashtag #BCG to follow the live conversation.

We will use the GotoWebinar platform, which allows real-time discussion both online and, on the phone, making this an interactive journal club. Please use a landline phone or VoIP for the call. The session will be recorded and posted on the ATS website.

You will need to register for the Webinar in order to participate. To reserve your Webinar seat today click here. We invite your participation for this session and look forward to another insightful discussion.

We organize several webinars throughout the year and welcome your proposals for interesting articles to feature. Please contact the AII Assembly representative Jehan Alladina ( with any suggestions/questions.

Jehan Alladina, MD
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Assembly on AII

Amali Samarasinghe, PhD
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Assembly on PI-TB

Chad Marion, DO, PhD
Co-Chair Website Committee Journal Club,
Assembly on PI-TB

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If you have any questions or have suggestions for future journal clubs, please contact the AII Journal Club, representatives.

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