Officers and Committees

Officers & Committees

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Immediate Past Chair Howard M. Kipen, MD, MPH Piscataway , NJ
Assembly Chair Stephanie London, MD, DrPH Research Triangle Park , NC

Planning Committee

Terrorism & Inhalation Disasters
Matthew D. McGraw, MD Fairport , NY
Staff Miriam Rodriguez New York , NY

Program Committee

Chair Kristina L. Bailey, MD, ATSF Omaha , NE
Chair-Elect Emily Brigham, MD, MHS Baltimore , MD

Assembly Members on Other ATS Committees

ATS Committee Chairs

Environmental Health Policy Committee
Mary Berlik Rice, MD, MPH Boston , MA
Vice Chair
Drug/Device Discovery and Development
Gregory B. Diette, MD Baltimore , MD
Vice Chair
Ethics and Conflict of Interest Committee
Leonard Sicilian, MD Boston , MA
Vice Chair
Publications Policy Committee
Robert M. Tighe, MD Durham , NC
Vice Chair
Health Equality and Diversity
Juan P. Wisnivesky, MD, DrPH Hastings on Hudson , NY

Awards Committee

Committee Member Rebecca Bascom, MD, MPH Hershey , PA
Committee Member Carrie A. Redlich, MD, MPH New Haven , CT
Committee Member Susan S. Redline, MD, MPH Boston , MA
Committee Member David A. Schwartz, MD Aurora , CO
Committee Member Dean Sheppard, MD San Francisco , CA
Committee Member
DDDD Liaison
Theodore J. Witek, DrPH, ATSF Toronto , Canada

Board of Directors

Committee Member
Juan C. Celedon, MD, DrPH, ATSF Wexford , PA
Committee Member Jay K. Kolls, MD New Orleans , LA
Committee Member Stephanie London, MD, DrPH Research Triangle Park , NC
Committee Member Rachel Thomson, MBBS, PhD, FRACP PADDINGTON , Australia

International Conference Committee

Committee Member
EOPH Program Chair
Kristina L. Bailey, MD, ATSF Omaha , NE
Committee Member
EOPH Program Chair-Elect
Emily Brigham, MD, MHS Baltimore , MD
Committee Member
PR Program Chair
Pat Camp, PT, PhD Vancouver , Canada
Committee Member
AII Program Chair
Fernando Holguin, MD, MPH Aurora , CO

MECOR Steering Committee

Committee Member
Country Director
On-Site Faculty
Tricia D. LeVan, PhD Omaha , NE
Committee Member
On-Site Faculty
Stephen A. Mccurdy, MD, MPH Davis , CA

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