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Member Benefits

View the membership booklet and the quick guide, and the MyATS video

Membership in ATS Assemblies

  • Join 3 of the 14 ATS Assemblies within the broad fields of respiratory disease and critical care medicine - at NO cost

Cutting-Edge Medical Journals* & Publications

Local & Global Advocacy Efforts

  • Help advocate for cleaner air, smoking cessation and tuberculosis control, among other public health issues
  • Stay abreast of practice and political and regulatory developments with subscriptions to the ATS Coding & Billing Quarterly and the Washington Letter

Conferences, Educational Programs and Products

Support the ATS Research Program

  • Support the ATS Research Program, which aids young investigators at a crucial point in their careers

Career Development

Society Leadership Rights & Privileges

  • Right to vote for ATS leaders, and to serve as ATS-wide committee chairs and committee members (Full and Trainee members only)
  • Right to hold ATS-wide office (Full members only)
  • Right to be recognized/to receive ATS-wide awards

Additional Member Benefits

* Members outside the U.S. receive electornic access to the journals online only, but may subscribe to the print version of the blue journal (AJRCCM, 2 issues per month) or AnnalsATS (1 issue per month) for $75 per year, per subscription. Members in the U.S. receive print copies of the blue journal (AJRCCM) and Annals of the ATS as well as electronic access. Contact to subscribe to the print version. The red journal (AJRCMB) is only available online for all members.