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Lung Cancer Week at the ATS

Lung Cancer Week at the ATS

Welcome to Lung Cancer Week at the ATS!

More than one million people worldwide will face the words “you have lung cancer” this year and seek information, support, and treatment. The loved ones of people directly affected by the disease are also impacted: emotionally, physically, and financially. Lung cancer can come in a variety of forms and be aggressive or relatively benign. It can affect anyone, whether or not they have a history of smoking.

Lung cancer is one of the world’s most challenging malignancies due to its high prevalence, late-stage average diagnosis, complex tissue types and biology, and limited treatment options. But this situation is changing. Lung cancer incidence is decreasing in more industrialized countries, largely as a result of successful smoking prevention and cessation programs. And new understanding of screening techniques and genetic drivers of lung cancers are making the disease more treatable than ever. Now is not the time to stand down. Rather, continued vigilance – in smoking cessation and prevention, symptom recognition among people with and without a smoking history, and improved research commitments to find early disease and to find new therapeutic targets – is necessary to keep the advances we’ve made from stagnating.

“Lung Disease Week at the ATS” provides a new forum for discussing the issues surrounding lung cancer. The American Thoracic Society (ATS) and the National Lung Cancer Partnership support new and more efficacious interventions in prevention, screening, treatment, and care for individuals at risk for and affected by lung cancer. This “Lung Cancer Week” seeks to improve awareness of the disease and its burden on society, thus helping to lay the groundwork for needed advances in funding levels. We look forward to the opportunities that our continued collaboration can bring to the movement to defeat lung cancer.


Charles A. Powell, MD
ATS Thoracic Oncology Section
American Thoracic Society


Regina Vidaver, PhD
Executive Director
National Lung Cancer Partnership
Chair-Appointee, ATS Public Advisory Roundtable

ATS Lung Cancer Partner – National Lung Cancer Partnership


The National Lung Cancer Partnership (NLCP) is the only advocacy organization originally founded by physicians and scientist and is dedicated to increasing lung cancer awareness and research funding. Goals of the Partnership include raising awareness of the deadly impact of lung cancer upon both women and men, increasing funding for lung cancer research, and improving patient care by educating and empowering patients and healthcare professionals. The Partnership is headquartered in Madison, WI, and supports a nationwide network of grassroots lung cancer advocates through its programs. The Partnership has official state chapters in Louisiana, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

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