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ATS Wellbeing Collaborative

We help the world breathe … but do we ever stop to take a breath?  Stress and burnout affect high numbers of healthcare workers in critical care, pulmonary, and sleep medicine. For ATS members to advance respiratory health worldwide, we must preserve our own wellbeing. 

The time to act is now.  Our new initiative, the ATS Wellbeing Collaborative, aims to improve the wellbeing of physicians, scientists, and health care providers through our work environments and our individual resilience.  

Our Mission: To address burnout among ATS members and promote joy in medicine for the greater pulmonary, sleep, and critical care community.

Our Vision: Develop and implement initiatives focusing on three pillars of wellbeing:

  • Education and Awareness: Dedicated to de-stigmatizing burnout, advocating for wellness in the workplace, and instigating industry-wide discussion on wellbeing
  • Research: Conduct studies and member outreach to understand factors that cause provider and researcher burnout, and to drive evidence-based change
  • Organizational Change: Leadership to find and fix the systemic factors which prohibit wellbeing across the spectrum, from our local workplaces to state and federal regulatory bodies

Our Leadership

Tina Shah MD MPH

Seppo Rinne MD PhD
Vice Chair

Ajanta Patel MD MPH
Director, Education and Awareness

Meredith Mealer PhD
Director, Research

Mike Metry MD
Director, Organizational Change


Last Reviewed: April 2018